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For over 25 years Gourmet Mushroom Product’s (GMHP’s) mushroom logs have been  produced with a 100% recycled plant based natural substrate using methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Our logs are produced on the mushroom’s natural food: wood – in this case sawdust; the mushrooms we specialize in are forest-dwelling mushrooms that grow on fresh sterilized ligno-cellulose material. Examples of suitable substrate include deciduous sawdust, wheat bran and the like

GMHP gourmet mushroom kits are designed and produced specifically for in-home mushroom cultivation and shipped directly to our customers when they have maximum potential for producing mushrooms!  Some companies offer mushroom kits which sit on shelves or in warehouses for weeks or month before being offered for sale.  GMHP’s mushroom log kits produce the same top-quality fresh gourmet mushrooms used at many of the country’s finest restaurants.

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